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I vill explain you...
I had this teacher for precalc, I don't want to mention her name, but it starts with a shar and ends with a ma...this is the crap she says...

i vill learn you piece vise function
you can use simtree
i vill explain you reduzed row echeelon formuula
you have no clue
there is no hard and fast rule
you just how to tink about it
keep that in mind
no arguuuing
i smell peanuts
i vill not do the spoon feeding
is like fish market and everyone is selling the fish
you vill bomb test
'where am i'- that is the million dollar question
come on, come on, come on
start from the bigginin
i vill kramer rule
doesn't matter me
pick your pick
too much congestion
number D

to be continued...